walk into any starbucks and say “i can’t believe they’re doing a secret screening of the unreleased Wes Anderson movie down the street” then collect all the macbooks that everyone who just ran out left behind. keep your favorite one and sell any you don’t need

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Bookwerm is an artist that has captured my attention so much this year with his strange brand of glitchy ambient computer twee pop. So far this year, he has released 3 LPs of amazing material. He is slowly inching in on Robert Pollard’s territory for sure.

This is his latest and perhaps greatest album yet, Sunflowers on Rainy Days. The less said, the better, for bookwerm’s songs have multiple layers of sampling, guitars, keyboard, and drums for you to wrap your head around.

I can’t say that bookwerm is like any other band I have ever heard and that’s why I instantly was hooked into his tunes. When I played some songs from this new LP for a homie, he really caught a vibe similar to that of the work of Yoni Wolf/Why?. I can mostly agree with that, both artists are fairly unconventional and experimental with their sound yet recognize the beauty of simplicity and pop.

For more ‘werm:

This album came out a year ago and it’s the perfect end of summer album. This album is my go - to recommendation for most peeps lookin’ for something fresh because this lp still feels fresh outta’ the kitchen a year later.

Check it out if you dig: lsd, flowers, and Peanuts.


Yaki​-​Läki - Pastacas & Tenniscoats
Yaki-Läki by Pastacas & Tenniscoats


Yaki​-​Läki - Pastacas & Tenniscoats

Title: The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die Artist: Space Exploration To Solve Earthly Crises 12,484 plays


The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Space Exploration To Solve Earthly Crises



Michael Che speaks to Jim Gilchrist, president of the Minuteman Project, about the “invasion” of immigrant children.

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Please recommend me some podcasts or TV shows to watch for the next few weeks. I’ll be without Internet for weeks and will need something to kill time when I wanna escape nature for a bit.

For shows, I like Comedy Bang Bang, The Birthday Boys, Stella, Mr. Show, Arrested Development, and Nathan For You.

For podcasts I dig on the indoor kids, Doug Loves Movies, Reverend VR, How Did This Get Made, Nerdist Writers Panel, and Duncan Trussel. Any good VR, alien, comedy, or hippie podcast recs would be amazing.

New guitar!

New guitar!

I know I’m late to the party. But seeing Silent Hills PT is so fucking unnerving. Just that looping mechanism is so existentially frightening to me.

Also, that game is destined to be the first VR classic.

A+ song, Foot Ox is the best. I had no idea this song existed.


What is with this show


What is with this show

  • me: hey dad, do you have FXX?
  • dad: the channel? yeah, why?
  • me: oh, they've been playing the simpsons a bunch.
  • dad: I don't give a fuuuck.